Über uns

Rolf Luther with a V8 4-OHC engine
The company "Luther Model Engines" simply consists of Mr. Rolf Luther and his wife Edeltraud Luther. The planning and manufacturing of the engines are Mr. Rolf Luther's fields, his wife acts in the background.

Rolf Luther's career

The decision about his career was quickly made back in the 50's. Rolf Luther's father said "You will be a mechanical engineer". The 14-year-old boy did as he was told, but his heart beat for engines. The crucial experience was the Alfa Romeo, which he bought back in 1969. In this white "Spider", there was not the usual grey cast iron engine, but an engine made of light metal. His aim ôI want so build such an engine!ö resulted in the vocational independence one year later.
Right now, the 78-year-old man spends his days in his workshop in Hohenstaufen. You can have the panoramic view on the "Filstal" out of his windows. It smells typically of oil und fat. Worktables outline papers, machinery are in a row along the walls - and it's remarkably orderly. He himself doesn't think he is as orderly as his workshop. Building a machine and selling it - that's not enough for him. It sounds like a credo, when he talks about his work: "I want to create a form, give a tale an expression." His rather simple machines match with view. Experts are always amazed that there is no CNC-machine in his workshop, "The machines wouldn't help, if one of the engines doesn't have this special something." Is the argument of the "Staufer" (Staufer = somebody who lives in the area around the hill of Hohenstaufen) who calls him self a "Hoaraff" (= Hornaffe = an old nickname for people form "Hohenstaufen") "I have seen so many simple things on meetings, that my eyes did hurt."

The first period of time when Mr. Luther was has own boss, he overhauled machines for different companies, but since 1990 he has been able to realize his ideas. He saw a model engine and was sure that this was the right thing for him. He hasn't got to advertise much, he is recommended to clients by content customers. He often hears first from his clients, that it was very difficult to find him. The ones who finally reach him in Göppingen's district can be separated into two groups: The first ones have built a ship or a craft and need an appropriate engine. The other ones simply enjoy model engines it self. The interiors of the engines are always similar, but the details like the starter or the water pump have to be arranged differently. The finished engines are decorated with a small sign with the name "Luther" and a small triangle on it. The triangle represents the Hohenstaufen hill - "What else?"

The "insider tip" has thus become a little star. By the end of 2005 a Swiss automobile magazine interviewed him and later the "Landesschau" (a programme of a regional TV station). Mr. Luther likes to recall the long hours of the shooting, although the actual broadcast lasted only 3 minutes.

We are sorry, that we are not allowed to broadcast this 3-minute clip on our website. The TV-station SWR and the German copyright-act are against the issue of this material. But if you are really interested in watching this clip, please contact us.

Rolf Luther also moves with the times and has launched his own website for his company back in the end of 2006. He hopes to make it easier for clients to reach him and to enable customers from abroad to have easy access to the information they want.